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Installation, maintenance/repair/cleaning of air-conditioning service
ALLNEW ENGINEERING LIMITED company has rich experience in air-conditioning maintenance and reasonable cost. Over the years, it has provided perfect and preferential air-conditioning maintenance services for many customers. Provide design, installation, repair, cleaning and maintenance services for the air-conditioning systems of many enterprises and residential customers, and get their support and trust.
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Air-conditioning, water and electricity, maintenance, installation, design, cleaning and maintenance inspection
Our company’s air-conditioning repair team has provided comprehensive air-conditioning services for many customers and has accumulated rich experience in air-conditioning repairs. The company’s air-conditioning system design, installation, repair, cleaning and maintenance services have helped many companies, and they are satisfied with the services of this air-conditioning maintenance company.
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Air Conditioner
Air Conditioner

Various types of air conditioners, fan coil units, water-cooled cabinets, cooling towers, water removal systems, cooling racks, refrigerated water pipes, and ventilation systems

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Air Conditioning

Maintenance includes, setting air-conditioning switch, insulation package, installing water pump, replacing indoor unit and outdoor unit, etc.

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Supply all major brands of air conditioners. For example: Daikin, Jumbo, Hitachi, Roxy, Midea, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Electric, etc.

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The Best Air Conditioner Maintenance Experts

ALLNEW ENGINEERING LIMITED has many years of rich experience in air-conditioning, and has provided perfect and preferential air-conditioning services for countless customers. The company has provided various air-conditioning system design, installation, repair, cleaning and maintenance services for many customers for a long time. The maintenance cost of air-conditioning is reasonable and has won their support and trust.

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Best in Hongkong

The Importance of Cleaning Your Air Conditioner
Air conditioner cleaning program

Hong Kong is densely populated

Any model or style of air conditioner will cause dust and dirt to accumulate inside and outside the air conditioner after a period of use, which will block the air outlet or drain, resulting in the air conditioner’s cold and hot air system not being able to perform at its maximum efficiency, and even causing the air conditioner to generate Water accumulation and bad smell. This will not only increase energy consumption and electricity bills, but more seriously affect the air quality of the home, causing bacteria to grow and affecting the health of the family.

Cause a fire

Old air conditioner short circuit causes fire

More Save on bill

Replace or clean the air conditioner filter frequently, or perform regular maintenance to keep the air conditioner
machine at peak performance

Reduce respiratory disease

If these bacteria are not removed in time, these pathogenic substances will float into the air, and people will cause diseases after breathing them in.

Air conditioner cleaning process

More additional services
Air Conditioning Engineering Cleaning Installation Maintenance Repair

Cleaning category

Clean all types of air conditioners, central air conditioners, water-cooled cabinets

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Air conditioning check

Inspection includes, cooling fan mechanism

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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Cleaning the air conditioner regularly can solve the problem of not cooling the air conditioner

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Supply retail

Supply all major brands of air conditioners

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My air conditioner has a dripping problem, can you help me solve it when washing the air conditioner?
We have encountered many cases of water dripping from the air conditioner in the past, and the water dripping is usually caused by the blockage of the drain pipe. When cleaning the air conditioner, we first use a high-pressure water gun to clear the clogged drain pipe, and then clean it with machine washing liquid, which can solve the problem of water dripping from the air conditioner.
Does the window machine have to be dismantled and cleaned?
If the environment condition allowed, we will choose to disassemble the window unit for cleaning, so that the various positions and components of the air conditioner can be cleaned more thoroughly. However, if the environment situation does not allowed, or the air conditioner itself has been damaged or seriously rusted, we will avoid dismantling it.
The air conditioner is not cold enough, do I have to change the type of refrigerant?
As long as the air conditioner is operating normally, the refrigerant will only circulate in the air conditioner, and there is no need to refill the refrigerant. If it is necessary to fill the refrigerant, we will first determine whether the outdoor unit of the air conditioner can be access, or there is enough space for work. Taking ordinary residential buildings as an example, radiators are usually placed on the outer walls of buildings, and there may be opportunities to build a shed to complete the work.
How long does it take to wash an air conditioner?
If the surrounding environment is normal, it will take about 45 to 60 minutes for the entire air-conditioning maintenance and cleaning service process to prepare, protect, disassemble, clean with a high-pressure water gun, then clean with washing machine potion, reassemble, and finally clean after washing.
What payment methods do you accept?
Air-conditioning repair fees are paid in cash and collected on the spot upon completion of the service.
What should I do if there is a problem with the air conditioner after washing the air conditioner?
Every single project comes with a 30-day post-service warranty. If any failure or problem occurs after cleaning the air conditioner, the air conditioner maintenance fee includes after-sales maintenance service, and we will provide free maintenance, so you can rest assured.

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The problem of water dripping from the air conditioner in the housing department has been troubled for many years! Originally, forget about getting a new machine… I know that Facebook has seen your company’s services, so please try it!
– Sally Su, Manager

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